Wednesday, 23 July 2014

How to Manage Time Effectively

I stumbled on an article written by Muyiwa Afolabi on “Tips to manage challenges within workplace”. An expose into organization’s schedules as it concern every employees regardless of positions and levels.

My deduction from Muyiwa’s opinion on managing challenges is tied with “time management “a case study of African setup- Nigeria.

Time management could be explained to mean specific techniques and skills that can help an individual to manage any available time in a most precise way achieving task, goals and objectives efficiently.

An individual who is committed to maximizing his available time may achieve more set goals in real time and still have enough left for other priorities.

Well, this is aided through effective planning, proper priority, organization, elimination of (delays, distraction, etc.), monitoring and goal setting.

In Nigeria for example, an individual who resides close to his office might take the luxury of spending more time at home when he is supposedly expected to hit the road for a business appointment; and only to his amazement, he is two hours late.

Knowing that most urban city’s highways are constantly flooded with cars all day round. Most people are not in tune with the modern day dynamism and societal change. Though this is peculiar to Nigerians where activities are not planned out and done impromptu.

There is a local parlance here in Nigeria “time is money and precious” In variably whatever is worth doing is best done, achieved in real time… are you time conscious?