Saturday, 12 July 2014



Next , we have to understand that acceptance is never an immediate kind of thing.  We can’t just “assume to be fully grown thereby neglecting the infant stage”.  To know people well enough to really accept them we have to listen, not only with our ears but with your hearts, minds and spirits as well.
In conclusion, we have to appreciate that gaining personal influence over others by either rewarding them with acceptance or punishing them with rejection is just an impression. People usually have a need to fix other people as a result of a lack of self-acceptance.  If we focus first on accepting ourselves we can then employ the same strategies and techniques when it comes to accepting others.
Learning to accept the irreplaceable qualities both in ourselves and in those around us is challenging to be sure.  But consider what the world would be like if we could conquer widespread self-rejection as well prejudice and intolerance toward others that is fueled by fear; how cool would that be?